The Day Walmart Shut Down

I love chatting with people. You never know what you’ll find out.  Recently I met Rose, who was cleaning the washroom rest room of a Walmart.  Not where one might generally strike up a conversation, but we were so engaged the location didn’t matter.  Of course, with the Polar-coaster weather we were having at the time, the topic of possible snow came up in our conversation. This topic really got Rose going.

Her eyes widened and she hopped from one foot to the other as she remembered the time they got snow, not much, but enough to just cover the ground.  (So, by Canadian standards it was a dusting of snow hardly worth brushing aside.)

With arms waving for emphasis, as she told it, that day the fire alarms went off and with alarms blaring, she and all the other employees had to get all the customers out.  Some were in a panic.  Without question, everyone had to get out. Fire trucks came blazing into the lot and onlookers turned blue as they stood in the freezing cold.  They shivered and shook, but were not allowed to go back into the store until the fire department gave the all clear.  For people not used to standing in the cold without warning it seemed like a lifetime.

So, what set off the alarm on the day Walmart was shut down?  Snow. And not much of it.  Imagine if a mere dusting of snow shut down stores in Canada!


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